Turn employees into ambassadors

All employee advocacy platforms enable employees to share your content through social media. Soveryus is the first and only platform that also helps your employees to be ambassadors in face-to-face conversations!

    • Smartphone app with your own branding
    • Sharing content through social media
    • Pitch cards: always the right story in face-to-face conversations
    • Contact forms: Instant action when employees trace leads and complaints
    • Analytics: Insight in employee activity, content reach & effectiveness
    • Support with mobilising your employees
    • Support with developing attractive content

Mobilise your employees!

Today, corporate reputations are no longer built through advertising and PR only. People prefer to rely on what they hear through their peers, family and friends. Through people like… your employees! With a little help, they can be your most credible ambassadors and reach a huge audience through their social networks.

Soveryus offers a unique smartphone app and everything you need to turn your employees into ambassadors. So what’s keeping you? Rally the tribe and start a movement today!

What we can help you achieve

Better informed employees...
..sharing more relevant stories with their social networks..
..promoting your company more often in face-to-face conversations..
..picking up more leads and early detected complaints.

Our complete offering


Go beyond sharing content through social media. Fuel face-to-face conversations, and enable employees to take action!


Don’t ask employees to share just any content with your brand name on it. Ask them to help build your reputation.

Change management
Change management

Make advocacy a management priority. And embed it as a key behaviour in the organisational culture.

  • We have learned to use storytelling techniques and new formats for internal comms. That's how we engage our staff and motivate them to spread the word.

    Head of internal communications
  • My brother wanted to buy a new house, so he asked about our mortgages. I was ashamed to say that I actually didn't know why he should consider our products!

    Employee financial services
  • We always dreamed of turning our 34,000 employees into brand advocates. Now we know that this takes more than just a platform. Step by step we are informing and engaging our staff with our brand stories. And we make it really fun to be an ambassador!

    Marketing Manager
  • We knew that our employees talk to people whom we hardly reach with our PR efforts. Employee advocacy has become a fully fledged additional channel to get our stories across.

    Communications Director

What makes Soveryus different?

Yes, we are a tech company

We provide the most advanced employee advocacy platform available. So yes, you could say that we are a tech company. But that is just half of the story!

and communication people

We combine our IT capabilities with in-depth knowledge of communication and change management, and with state-of-the-art creative storytelling expertise.

a winning combination!

That is why we can deliver more than a product. We can help building organisations with employees who not only ‘feel’ engaged, but are actively involved in creating success.


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